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It amazed me that Dino would take on a company that size, but he did. He took care of it. He got the insurance company to reimburse me for all of my damages and time lost. I can't say enough good things about him.
Dino had the ability to not only go out for what was owed to us, but also to get what we deserved. It made a difference that he was willing to go the extra mile to provide relief for us.
You can't negotiate with an insurance company. You have to have something more - that is when Dino came in. Thank god for Dino. He was just marvelous. He cared so much. I don't know what we would have done without him.
Joe & Roseanne

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Commuting via Public Transportation

The Federal Carrier Safety Administration (FCSA) has recently issued various comprehensive statistics regarding the number of bus accidents occurring in the U.S. for the past decade. Although the number of bus accidents has steadily decreased over the past decade, in recent years, there has been a slight uptick. In 2012, “the number of buses involved in fatal crashes increased from 245 to 251, an increase of 2%.” In fact, there were two major bus accidents in the U.S. that received significant attention in 2013.

When Grocery Shopping Becomes Hazardous to Your Health

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), well over 9 million disabling slip-and-fall injuries occur every year throughout the United States. Although such statistics are not necessarily itemized by way of type, location, or environment, it is presumed that a significant number of such slip-and-fall injuries occur within grocery stores, where patrons in the course of shopping may slip on a puddle of water that has accumulated from other shoppers, melting ice from the frozen food section, or possibly a leaky air-conditioner. From a public health perspective, pooling or accumulated water that goes unnoticed for a significant period of time can be hazardous to an unsuspecting patron, especially one who is focused on grocery shopping. A slip-and-fall can cause traumatic brain injury, broken bones, or other serious physical injuries that can take years to fully recover from.

Health Injuries and Fracking: Better Have Pre-Drill Water Testing

The relationship between fracking and the onset of various health issues still remains a controversial issue, and there is substantial evidence on both sides of the debate. Often times, property owners living in close proximity to fracking activities may begin to complain of various health issues such as nausea, headaches, bloody noses, respiratory, and other breathing related problems. It is believed that such adverse environmental exposure originates from contaminated ground and drinking water, from polluted air, or from the close proximity of the fracking activity to the home. Fracking is best understood as “the process of drilling down into the earth before a high-pressure water mixture is directed at the rock to release the gas inside. Water, sand, and chemicals are injected into the rock at high pressure which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well.”

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Colombo Law - the resources to win, small enough to care.

At the law offices of Colombo Law we bring the resources to the table that few firms can while giving you the personal representation that you deserve. We believe that any person that is injured by the negligence of another is entitled to representation by lawyers who care. Insurance companies work hard to defeat every claim, let us work hard for you, to get the results that you deserve.

We have the experience, resources and knowledge necessary to achieve the goals of our clients, obtaining the best possible result. Our personal injury law firm is proud of our experienced support staff that is highly motivated and dedicated to the service of our clients. Our attorneys and staff strive to build lasting relationships and trust with our clients while working hard to get the results they deserve.

Let our experienced attorneys go to work for you. Let us help you win with the confidence of our No Fee Promise.

Serving West Virginia

Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Attorney Dino S. Colombo, is an experienced personal injury trial lawyer, having successfully tried numerous car accident, workplace injury, and wrongful death cases. Mr. Colombo has practiced before courts at the state and federal levels in Morgantown WV and throughout West Virginia.

If you have suffered a personal injury, as a result of a car accident, a truck accident, a defective product, distracted driving, or a work related injury in Morgantown or anywhere in north central WV, call or contact us today for a free legal consultation with the experienced injury lawyers at Colombo Law.

At Colombo Law, our Morgantown, WV attorneys try cases when they need to be tried. This brings you an advantage if you are seeking damages for a personal injury, wrongful death, or a car accident, when the opposing side - wrongdoer, corporation, hospital, physician, or insurance company - knows you are willing and ready to take your case all the way and that you have an experienced trial advocate on your side.

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